Client Testimonials

Kenneth Padowitz, P.A.
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One of the Best In South Florida. Highly Recommended!!.

“I would recommend him for anyone who needs an experienced Criminal Defense trial attorney for serious charges. He was worth every penny and I sleep good at night knowing if needed, my criminal defense lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 is one of the best in South Florida.”

Moe M - October 2014

“My son was recently arrested for his 2nd VOP, our hopes were dim, but Ken never gave up, Ken is a fighter, an attorney you can trust. He knows what he is doing and stands firm on it. My son was facing prison, but let me tell you, Ken was not going to give up, he fought for my son’s freedom and thanks to his knowledge and experience in the field, my son was reinstated to probation. ONCE AGAIN KEN, THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!”

Client - September 2014

Stellar Attorney!.

“Ken Padowitz is by far, the most amazing Defense Attorney available. There isn’t another attorney you want by your side if you’re in any kind of legal trouble. He is worth every penny! Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover my appreciation for Ken’s knowledge, dedication, professionalism, experience, and loyalty.”

Client – February, 2014

Outstanding Defense Attorney.

“It gives me pleasure to recommend you to a prospective client or business associate. You are not only an outstanding defense attorney; you are a man of impeccable character who truly cares about people and justice.”

Lisa – November 2014

Outstanding Trial Lawyer.

“The best trial lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 and criminal Defense Attorney I had the opportunity to work with. I was thankfully referred to him by a friend when I had a legal problem. There is no lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 that can match his skills in the courtroom. I am forever indebted for the Justice that I received due to his great work.”

Client – 2009

Repeat Customer because he is a Great Lawyer.

“I would recommend Ken to anybody who can afford him. I ran into an incident when I was on felony probation in one county and i was charged with another felony in a different county. Ken was able to not only get me probation for the new charge, but also my old probation reinstated with a Withhold Adjudication on both charges. I hit the lottery hiring him so of course I would recommend him to anybody.”

Kris - 2012

My superman Ken.

“Mr.Padowitz is the best lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 there is. He answers every phone call and email. Will give you all the information you need, and answer every question. He got me the best possible outcome for my case. I got two charges dismissed, and a non convection for the main charge. He really does fight for you,and want the best outcome for you. From the first moment I met him, I knew I wanted him as my lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局. I used AVVO to find a lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 and I’m glad I did. Hire him as your lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局, you will not regret it.”

S.J. – 2012

The G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time).

“Kenneth helped me when I had thought my life was over. Originally, I was facing 10 years in prison for something I didn’t do and with Kenneth’s constant perseverance, I received the best possible outcome . I owe this man my life…I WOULD DEF. RECOMMEND THIS ATTORNEY!!!!!!”

Client – 2012

Thank you Ken.

“Your tenacious pursuit of my defense was money well spent! Your confidence is contagious and makes the prosecution nervous. Thank you for always taking my calls. You should charge more!”

JA - 2010

Best Lawyer in the nation.

“The man is unbelievable. He makes you feel comfortable at all times. He is the most aware and prepared lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 I have ever met.”

Joel – 2010

Honest, Tenacious and Compassionate representation.

“Mr. Padowitz is an exceptionally competent attorney providing thorough knowledge of the law, veteran court experience and toughness to win his cases. As a client I can speak to his honesty and desire to make sure he takes the correct action for his clients. I recommend MR. Padowitz without hesitation.”

Robert – 2011

Super Ken.

“Was very upfront, reliable lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局. I always felt as if he had my best interest in mind, and consulted me before ever decision, big or small. if your looking for a great attorney, look no further”

Brian – 2011

Top Notch Lawyer.

“One of my best friends, is a Dade County circuit Judge and he recommended I hire Ken Padowitz. The fact that a judge recommended Mr. Padowitz to me speaks volumes about his competency. An attorney of this caliber will not come cheap but I was surprised that his prices were only slightly higher than unknown 2nd rate attorneys. There was no phony lawyer一分钟一期的彩票骗局 B.S. with this guy. He is extremely upfront, lucid, and direct about everything. The only peace of mind I’ve had during the past few months, was the moment hired Mr. Padowitz as my attorney. If you ever find yourself with an unfortunate legal problem I would recommend you do the same!”

David - 2013

The Best Defense Attorney in Broward.

“Ken spent time analyzing my case after speaking to me at length. 
He formulated a plan of action, he chose the RIGHT expert witness after interviewing many. Well connected and respected by the judges [prosecuting] attorneys, and their bosses. [16] years with the state attorneys office. Very well prepared to take the case to trial. He Had all charges dropped, and court costs reduced by 90 percent. 
I always felt he was confident in his actions, and felt he was always looking out for me.”

Bobby – 2011
A Honest Lawyer who will give you an honest day’s work and who sincerely believes in what he does.

“Several months ago I found myself involved in an incident that led to my arrest on new drug charges. …I immediately retained Ken Padowitz. It was the best legal decision I have ever made. Ken not only allowed me to be intimately involved in the case by letting me approve all of the pleadings prior to filing, but he kept me informed about progress on the case and developments as they happened. He developed an incredible defense plan and deployed it perfectly. He was able to get the case dismissed in the initial stages and ameliorate the effect on my federal supervision. His knowledge of the legal system, criminal defense, and strategy are second to none. His professionalism and abilities are outstanding. His many years in the State Attorney’s office give him relationships that other attorneys simply cannot compete with. So if you need an attorney, hire Ken.”

Darryl – January 2014

Very Satisfied.

“2 years ago, I was arrested for Battery on a law enforcement officer and Resisting arrest with violence. I was facing serious criminal charges that could potentially ruin my personal and professional future. Thankfully, Mr. Padowitz believed in me from the start and fought for me. He knew every detail of my case and was completely prepared for a trial. I wanted justice and kept leaning towards trial. Even though my case was very strong and he knew that he could win, he never pressured me into anything. He always presented my options and made sure that I was aware of the possible risks of a jury trial. As scared as I was to go to trial, I held strong and even turned down 2 plea offers. The day before my trial, the prosecutor agreed to completely drop both of my felony charges! I truly believe that this outcome was only possible because of Ken Padowitz. Thank you so much for everything!!”

Tanya – September 2014